AR Crew Video

This video by Samantha and Spun is a good example of a CAS experience that combines creativity and service in a way that is meaningful to both the NIST students who participate and the younger children they work with.

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Ken Vanichy has a passion for health and fitness and has been working hard on sharing this with the NIST community. Check out his website to find out about his story and to get great tips on exercise and nutrition.



GreeNIST Awareness Poster

A good example of morphing service and creativity. Jenaifer Mistry created this to promote awareness of paper related issues at NIST in order to advocate for sustainability.

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Designing logos for the CAS Learner Outcomes

Lilya Meier put her great graphic design skills to use on a creative project to design logos to represent each of the 7 CAS leaner outcomes.

CAS is based on the achievement of the seven CAS learning outcomes realized through the student’s commitment to his or her CAS programme over a period of 18 months. These learning outcomes articulate what a CAS student is able to do at some point during his or her CAS programme. Through meaningful and purposeful CAS experiences, students develop the necessary skills, attributes and understandings to achieve the seven CAS learning outcomes.

Prom Committee

A video of images of the June Senior Prom that was organized by students as part of their CAS project. Thanks to Amy and Amrita for making and submitting the video.


The Contemporary Arts Society (CASUAL Multimedia) is a student led group which focuses on the creativity and service aspects of CAS. The aim of project To embrace different facets of modern subculture art and demonstrate our knowledge of these cultures. We look to create at least 5 major projects by the end of the school year, 2016-2017. These include art pieces, costumes, and models. We will meet once a week for at least one hour to work and discuss our progress. The 5 major projects that we look to do will be evenly spread among at least 6 members (and any others who wish to join the group in the future) which will allow for a manageable workload. We look to present our different pieces by showcasing them to the public, specifically other modern artists and appreciators.


You can read more about casual here

Testing Buzzfeed Recipes

A good creative video made to demonstrate Natasha and Nikki’s cooking experience for CAS.

Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation

The Concordia Welfare Centre service group is an ongoing school-based activity that assists underprivileged children by entertaining them through creative activities. This service group operates on every Wednesday after school from 14:30 to 17:30. We strive to remain committed and engaged throughout our visits and are always open for new members to join. From this CAS experience we have developed several important skills such as collaboration and communication, planning, and organisation. This video highlights all the hard work we have been doing for the past few months:

Spoonful Delight Blog

Kira Bernhard’s Spoonful Delight blog is an excellent demonstration of the creativity strand of CAS. It’s about creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle and includes some great recipes. You can find the blog here.

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OMG Ko Rin Trip Video

A video made by Luca Bertacca in Y12 to promote the work the OMG (Ocean marine guardians) service group is doing:

Being part of the Ocean Marine Guardians means you will be able to know about these full day boat trips that are soon going to be happening around once a month. On these trips we have a lot of fun hanging around in the sun and the water while setting up coral reef nurseries. We focus on the Koh Rin and we will be doing other projects that help maintain this island.