Reflecting on Ror Dor Military Training

Many of the Thai boys in the the later years of high school face the very tough task of juggling what is a very demanding course in the IB Diploma with the need to engage in military service. They can use some of their military service as part of their activity strand of CAS, here is a reflection from Nathan Heijstee on his experience:

Screenshot 2016-05-29 21.11.30

The military training this year ended with a 3 day 2 night training session up North at ‘Khao Chon Kai’. It served as the final test to determine whether we’d graduate from Reserves Army Training course. These were some of the most intensive, stressful, out of my comfort zone, days of my life. I have attached some pictures of the conditions at the camp. The heat and the long training hours were definitely grueling, but the training beforehand in Bangkok had prepared us for these factors; this is a clear example of how my commitment and perseverance has paid off, and how I have bettered my previously identified ‘areas for growth’. The one thing I was not prepared for however, was the thick layer of dust that covered the entire training ground. This was hugely unpleasant, especially because I have dust allergies! Nonetheless, I pushed through – we all did – and finished this CAS experience with a sense of pride.

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