A video and reflection on touch rugby by Eliza Ward: This 2015-2016 academic year would make it my second time in the Varsity Touch Rugby team, however, several things have changed between the off season. First of, we have lost 5 of our key players as they have graduated and had to leave the school, this greatly affected the skill level of our team as they were the most experienced players. The majority of the team this year have never played the game, therefore, the past players and I try to share our knowledge through each training as well as offer them some tips and skills which they can use in game situations. I must communicate and participate in the group as an expert although I have only played for one season because there are those who haven’t played at all, meaning I am always ready to assist others when they need help. Since most of the girls don’t fully understand the game yet, I must be flexible around the pitch and try to take on roles that force new skills onto the girls. Recently, I have been trying to work with each player I am partnered with in order to identify their weaknesses and teach them how its properly done. I also collaborate with some of the other team mates in order to demonstrate to the new players how a drill is done.

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